When you are buying a new car, be sure to get the best price.  You don’t need to waste time on negotiating with the salesman. You can get the best price just by following these tips before buying a new car:

Make a list of the new car:

You are not going to happy if you buy a fast and good looking car. But your family won’t fit in it. That makes a deep research to make a list of important transportation criteria. Before you buy a new car gather information about it, use magazines and ads in the newspaper they are the best source of information.

Buy a new car from the internet:

You won’t easily get the best price from a dealer shop. Salesmen try to convince you to buy the car and negotiate the price with you that take at least an hour.  Even when you believe you reach a fair price using this approach. But you will never know it without comparing it with other shops prices. But this comparison process takes several hours.

Many buyers don’t know that every dealership has a backdoor. And the back door is their presence on the internet.  Buyers can contact the dealership on their internet sale point by using their phone numbers, email addresses. Internet way is always cheaper and easy. By this way the buyer can get quotes from the different dealership, saving their time.

Buy your new car with cash:

Financing is a profit center for the dealership. The finance manager is often a commissioned salesman. Financing a new car will involve financial charges. There are other many complex terms that you have to face. If you are monthly payment buyer then dealers may play different games. But when you pay with cash for your new car, you can set a price.


Bring a friend to buy a new car:

Bring someone who knows better about the deals.  If you bring someone with you, he can create interferences in sales pitches. So you can find yourself up in front of the salesman.  This method may bring the sales manager into the negotiation to break the stand-off, he usually has more authority to cut prices.

Consider your timing:


If you are not showing off, then you can buy your new car at the end of the model year. Because the dealerships have to clean up the existing inventory to make room for the new arriving models.  At this time dealers give special discounts to sell their inventory. They might offer a price for which you have to bargain before.

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