Doctors and the Society

Doctors are very much important to the society. Doctors help in the rejuvenating the society from different diseases thereby giving it back to the society in the best possible way. Diseases always surround each and every one in some time of their lifetime. And with the aging, the frequency of the appearance of the disease becomes very much common. Aging causes the body to be leaky from many angles as the functions of the body is not as much as the previous condition. Improper function leads to weakening of the body. And that, in turn, will lead to the invitation of the diseases. For this doctors are very much needed. They treat these problems with utmost care. For different problems, we get different specialized doctors. General physicians are also present however we always prefer to go to particular specialist according to the problem that has occurred. Different specializations are a cardiologist, oncologist, endocrinologists, ophthalmologists, orthopedic, dentists, ENT specialist etc. ENT specialist doctors are those that treat a different region of head and neck mainly ear, nose as well as throat.

The Organs

Ear, nose, and throat are present at the outer side of the body. However, each of the three organs has a lot of significance of their own. The ear is mainly used for the hearing system of the body. The voices that come towards us strikes the eardrums which in turn makes the voice or any sound audible to us. Thus we can hear properly. Along with that ear is also the balancing organ is our body. The balance of our body during any motion like walking, running, playing etc. are maintained by the ear only. Ear gives us the characteristics of being a mammal. At the outer portion there is an outward structure, soft and made up of cartilages is the external pinna. Nose has a lot of function in the body of the human being. It is primarily used for breathing as well as olfaction. Olfaction is sensing different types of smell. The nose is directly connected to the lungs with the help of tubes, therefore, it is most important in the exchange of gases in and out the body. The throat is one of the output organs of the body that produces voices for which we can speak and able to express ourselves. The throat is connected to the voice box as well as tonsil glands. Apart from that the throat also acts as the inlet through which we can take food and swallow that directly get absorbed into the stomach and liver.


The doctors with a specialization of these three organs are called as Otorhinolaryngologist and stream is called as Otorhinolaryngology. The doctors with further specialization also use surgery option if the medicine is not working properly or as required according to the problem of the patients.


India being a potent place for treatment of various diseases and health problems, ENT specialist in India are found at every good hospital and diagnostic center having the good number of experiences.


These organs are very much important. Any problem with these organs might lead to a lot of other problems in the body. Doctors should be consulted immediately as the symptoms appear.

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