Brand research is much more complicated than what many believe at first glance. This is especially the case when looking at those that are beginners in the market. No matter what industry you operate in, brand research is eventually necessary for the company. It is really difficult to do business branding if you do not have access to a lot of information. Also, when the data you get is not adequate, conclusions may be bad.

If you want your business branding to be better, remember these really simple tips.

Ask Simple Questions

In many cases we see marketers being afraid of asking some simple questions because there is this belief that such an approach does not bring in enough data. This is not actually the case. In many situations you will notice that people are going to open up when you ask questions that are simpler. Proper brand research needs to include both simple and complex questions for the best possible answers.

Look For Rational And Emotional Responses

A brand is always going to be chosen over another. This happens because of various reasons. In order to find proper answers you want to seek rational and emotional responses. The mixes of these two are going to help the entire brand research process.

Never Start With Assumptions

Many beginners make the mistake of starting with an assumption. Alternatively, we see the mistake of bringing own views into research done. Such approaches are influencing the entire process in a negative way. You want to facilitate conversation in order to discover proper insights. Never lead conversations in the direction that you want or expect. The whole purpose of doing brand research is learning new things that will help you in the future, not try to find proof that would cement the beliefs you have right now.

Properly Investigate Presentation Options

Always think about presentation methods used during brand research. All findings have to be presented in a proper way, with the key findings and methodology presented first. Then you want to clearly present qualitative insights and data.


It is basically impossible to create a 100% perfect brand research strategy but you should always try to reach that level. The very best brand research method is going to use a mix of various data sources. You want to develop a good tailored approach in order to suit the industry and the brand. Many of the findings are going to be great but there will also be some that are painful. It is those that are painful that are usually going to lead to the best possible opportunities.

Make sure that you take all the time that is needed in order to create a proper brand research campaign. If there are any doubts about what has to be done, the best approach is to work with brand research specialists. A branding agency is going to create a campaign that is suitable for the business and that will bring in the data that is desired.

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