Can Medical Cannabis Actually Have A Positive Effect On Lung Cancer Patients?

The benefits of medical cannabis are just now beginning to be taken seriously by the public.  California now recognizes more than a dozen conditions which qualify a patient to obtain a medical marijuana card.  Cancer is one of these qualifying conditions.  If you have been diagnosed with any type of cancer, you can get cannabis products from a cannabis delivery company.  It is easy to get Santa Monica marijuana delivery, but what effect does cannabis actually have on lung cancer?

Cannabis Offers Relief for Cancer Patients

The reason that cancer is one of the conditions that qualifies you for a medical cannabis card is somewhat complex.  Pain can be a symptom both of cancer and of its treatments, such as surgery and chemotherapy.  Cannabis is effective for temporary relief of pain, and its side effects are less severe than those of some prescription painkillers.  Likewise, cannabis can relieve anxiety.  Few things are more anxiety-producing than being diagnosed with cancer and having to go through its stressful treatments.  Finally, cannabis is very effective at increasing appetite and relieving nausea.  Chemotherapy often causes severe nausea.  Chemotherapy patients who are able to eat normally during their course of treatment have better outcomes.

Cannabis Does Not Cure Cancer

It is not hard to find conspiracy websites saying that cannabis use or changes in diet can cure cancer.  As much as we would like it to be so easy to cure cancer, this is not the case.  Cannabis edibles are not a substitute for surgeries and cancer drugs.  While less painful and less invasive cancer treatments are always being developed, getting rid of cancer is not as simple as eating pot brownies.

Cannabis does not cure cancer, but it can make the disease and its treatments less painful.


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