Are you worried from forgetting your password or fed up to request new password every time then this extension will help you to secure your password from losing?

This is the award-winning extensions and millions of users are relying on this extension as it memorizes your passwords of different sites and provides you secure access from every computer and mobile device.

This is awesome as it stores the username and password and makes it available or auto login or provide access to sync to log in your account from anywhere and supports multiple operating systems and browsers to help the users.

The software provides different elements to secure and made it available anywhere including the information of different logins or credit cards profile or store the PDF or any important documents and manage everything in a very easy interface.

The purpose of the extension is to provide you all the data you stored on any computer and made available on the mobile device or other PCs or get an app for the smartphones.

How to download the extension to your browser?

You need to download the latest version of the extension and the latest updated extension is available below to made the passwords secure and available every time.

Click on the link below to download the extension:

Enjoy the extension and don’t lose your passwords ever!

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