Many people are worried about their health and want to change the routine but what if you are doing seven hours job sitting on a desk? A new study shows that desk workers need to worry about their health as sitting for a long time leads to heart disease.

You must hear it that sitting is new smoking – the sentence shows that if you are spending your time sitting in a chair or doing a job all the day on the desk then you have same issues as the people who are addicted towards the smoking and face different health aspects.

The researchers are worried about the health of the people and spending time over different researchers to secure the fitness of the person – they found a link between waists or heart disease is common among desk job workers and they need to walk for seven miles a day to stay safe from any mishap.

Research Analysis:Desk Job Workers Need To Walk ‘Seven Miles A Day’ To Stop Heart Risk

The researchers studied 111 postal workers in which 55 of them are the desk workers and 56 of them are for delivered posts – the study shows that people that are doing desk job are much closer towards the heart disease as well near to the waists problems compared to those who are doing activity job.

The researcher also measure the waist of the people and shows that 97cm waist circumference to those who are doing desk jobs as compared to that activity job have 94cm waist – they also measured the heart problems and found that desk workers are 2.2 percent closer to heart disease as other people are 1.6 percent clear to heart disease – the research shown over ten years.

Dr. William Tigbe – Led the research:Desk Job Workers Need To Walk ‘Seven Miles A Day’ To Stop Heart Risk

The research was led by the Dr. William, University of Warwick added about the people that ‘those who were spending a long time on the chair or sitting posture to their job – they need to change the routine or else they need to walk for seven miles to lower the risk of heart or waist circumference’.

The experts added that our research conducted to aware the people from the health risks – telling them about the risk associated while they are sitting, lying or standing and tell them how to avoid these situations. The people who want zero risk factor over the health needs to walk more than 15,000 steps a day – the calculation is equal to the walking seven miles or spending seven hours per day upright.

The participants that are taking part in the research wear a tiny physical activity calculator – the researcher already stored their blood samples, height, weight and blood pressure measured.

The researchers also added that sitting posture of the person has great effect on the health as spending more than five hours a day increased the 2cm waist circumference or increase the risk of 0.2 percent of heart disease – they added the solution to walk 11km per day or spend the seven hours in standing position or on your feet.

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