Have you ever thought or worried about your personality or have stressed that your workers earn more due to their beautiful look? You need not worry about that salary is depending on the look as the new research shows that personality is a just single component.

The previous study that was published over the salary of the people shows that personality matters a lot for the person income and one can enjoy almost every benefit of the company due to their beauty or personality traits but the recent survey has declined the previous research and tells about different components of the salary as well.

The new study found that only personality or beautiful look doesn’t depend on over the salary as the health, intelligent or hardworking of the person are also the component of the salary.

The researchers have shown that people might think that beauty or ugliness has great impact over the salary of the people but the fact is that people that are unattractive as compared to their colleagues are earning more than the others.

The study followed the 20,745 people between the ages of 16 and 29 – they measured the capabilities of the person in different aspects including health, extraversion, openness, and also look for the intelligent or agreeableness.

The study author writes that ‘Person that are physically attractive are earning more, not necessarily due to their health but because they are healthy, smart, intelligent to their work – the research also found that people that are unattractive are also had high salaries due to their extra abilities instead of being ugliness or average-looking peers‘.

The study found that personalities traits are not impacted on the person wages but the person intelligence, health are the part of the wages.Beauty or Brains? How Your Personality Traits Impact Your Salary

However, the study was unable to explain the similarities of the salaries for both personality traits – the previous study stated that people that are attractive or charming are more confident and assume that they are worthy and valuable – this will help them to reduce the stress or also provide them chance to earn more money.

The person who is a manager of hiring the person added that ‘for me – I always prefer a person that will able to work properly and able to complete the task of the job – the personality has its own charm but for me, it doesn’t matter‘.

The experts added that ‘people that are less attractive doesn’t need to lose the hope or think about lower grades – if you are dressed professionally or come with the positive attitude to your work regularly then you are able to win the chance‘.

The data collected for the latest research admit that attractive or less attractive employees are earning balanced wages with the time as compared to the previous research – so you need to work properly as only your progress matter for the increment of the salary with the time – personality is just a single component of the salary. 

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